Scumbag Recruiters

Today, I received a call from someone claiming to be with my client company’s HR department. I was a little bewildered since the call came across as a private call on my cell phone as we were wrapping up a design meeting.

“This is Dave Murphy with HR at [Company X], in New Jersey. We have your resume here from multiple agencies. What’s going on? Are you looking for another position?”

Suddenly, I was furious. Who would be submitting my resume to a company that I have a signed contract with?

“What?” I stammered. “No one was authorized to submit my resume, aside from the agency I am working for now.” I was getting hotter. “What agencies submitted my resume?”

At this point the conversation shifted. “Hey don’t worry. You’re not in trouble. Don’t worry about it. I just wanted to find out what the deal was. Ok. You’re working for Jill, right?”


“What was her last name, again?” At that moment I paused. An HR person would have all the information they needed, including my supervisor’s name. I suspected this was a scumbag recruiter.

I opened up my engineering notebook and pulled out my pen. “I’m sorry I was just in a meeting. You said your name was David Murphy, right?”

“Yeah, David Murphy.” he said, “yeah I just don’t have her last name in front of me. I just wanted to talk to her for a minute. You’re not in trouble. or maybe an email address.”

“Can I have a number where I can call you back?”

“Oh, you know what.. its not a big deal. Let me.. you know, I’ll just send her an email. Thanks.”



I quickly verified that there is no Dave Murphy (or any phonetic variant) at the Company, and no one has ever heard of him.

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1 Response to Scumbag Recruiters

  1. Sounds like a scumbag Indian trying to get the HR manager’s contact info so he can call her up and shove tons of open-defecating Indian assholes into the company.

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