Rack’em, Stack’em

I spent most of the weekend cleaning out my home office. After I installed a brand spanking new six foot bookshelf ($29.95 from Target), I cast a critical eye at my current computing setup: several networked machines, printers, modems, routers and switches perched on plastic shelving.

Since I will be bulking up my network in the weeks to come (adding a voip lab, firewall, and multiple servers), I decided that it was high time to go for a rack for my computer gear.

Build vs. Buy

Unfortunately for me, I am not blessed with unlimited means; I am cheap. Therefore the question is do I build it or buy it? With some time and sweat, you can build your own rack from scratch.

I thought about building a rack myself, like these projects:

A light weight rack made out of a Kitchen Rack (from Target). The rack was constructed from a metal rack, and the holes were drilled and tapped.

A rack made out of $70 worth of furniture purchased at Ikea.

Also, basic plans for an audio rack can be found HERE. The dimensions are the same for the standard computer rack.

Ultimately, I decided to purchase a MDF rack from Smart Home. When assembled, it is basically an open box with rails screwed into it.

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