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How To Manually Recursively UNLOCK files in Subversion (svn)

Today, something bizarre happened to me – another developer asked me to unlock a file he needed in subversion.  Huh?   Turns out I had locked 379 random files throughout the subversion repository through no fault of my own.  The previous … Continue reading

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How to Turn off the Annoying BEEP in OSX Terminal

If there is one thing about the Mac that I hate, it is the annoying chime (audible bell) that kicks in the terminal.  This has bothered me for ages.  Backspace on an empty command line, beep.  Tab completion doesn’t know … Continue reading

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Goodbye iPhone 3GS, Hello BlackBerry (and Ending 2 Years of Cell Phone Reception Hell)

Blackberry?  Seriously? You traded in your iPhone for a… BlackBerry? Yes.  Seriously. I purchased a Blackberry Bold last month and started testing whether or not to move from AT&T to T-Mobile.   After comparing the phones side by side, next week, … Continue reading

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Why Twitter? I just (still) don’t get it.

As an entrepreneur, I’ve had to make the decision on whether or not to engage in social media.   More specially, should I clutter my blog with “tweet this” buttons and churn out web sites festooned with twitter links?  In the … Continue reading

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