Goodbye iPhone 3GS, Hello BlackBerry (and Ending 2 Years of Cell Phone Reception Hell)

Blackberry?  Seriously? You traded in your iPhone for a… BlackBerry?

Yes.  Seriously.

I purchased a Blackberry Bold last month and started testing whether or not to move from AT&T to T-Mobile.   After comparing the phones side by side, next week, I will be porting my number from AT&T to the new line.

Over the past several years, AT&T has taken an extraordinary amount of abuse from iPhone users for a poorly performing cellular network.  However, after comparing the iPhone 3gs to other phones, I think the iPhone itself shares most of the blame.

Ever since I have purchased the iPhone 3GS, I’ve had reception issues at work.  Roughly 50 percent of my calls would result in “Call Failed,” and internet coverage was flaky at best.  Google searches would hint at mysterious firmware upgrades or wiping the device would fix the problems (they didn’t).  The signal indicator would vacillate from 3g (5 bars) to EDGE to “searching for signal.”

At first, I assumed it was a flaky tower.  I called AT&T tech support many times before simply giving up.   I can’t tell you how many times I reset the phone, reseated the SIM card, waited for my phone to be “re-registered,” or otherwise be told there was a degraded tower in the area.  I was told, “it would be fixed in July.”   July came and went.   It was never fixed.

Oddly enough, I found out that my coworkers who had AT&T coverage (but different phones) had no issues whatsoever.

So I started to pepper people with questions regarding their cell phones and cell phone service when I caught them fidgeting with their phones.  The unscientific poll results were surprising:

  1. HTC makes some good android phones;
  2. Sprint doesn’t entirely suck;
  3. most android phone’s battery life mirrors that of an iPhone (about a day) with heavy usage; and
  4. the iPhone 3GS has serious reception issues.

In every case when I spoke to a 3GS user, the standard answers fell into two broad categories: “AT&T service sucks, I can’t get s good signal” or “I hate the reception on this phone, the signal is terrible.”

Once I acquired the BlackBerry Bold (for $50), I noticed that the iPhone 3GS would loose its connection to the network often, the BlackBerry had a continuous, rock-solid five bars.  My kindle also had five to three bars.

I’m honestly disappointed.

For nearly two years when my phone would ring I would quickly walk to the front of the building in a futile attempt to get closer to the cell phone tower, hoping this call wouldn’t drop.  It never worked.

When talking to a potential customer, I had to call him back FIVE times, each time the call was interrupted with a frustrating “Call Failed” error message.  I can’t run a business like this.  I started counting the days until my contract ran out, and I started looking for an alternative phone.

My iPhone’s battery would last about a day and a half, with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and push notifications turned off; the Bold will last four days with push email notification turned on.  The iPhone charging dock is $29 plus shipping; the Bold charging dock is $8 plus shipping.

The BlackBerry is a phone first, and media device second.  The iPhone is a media device first and phone last.


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  1. Ishant says:

    Lets see…. when was the last time my bhertor bought me a nice gift? Oh yeah the pictures I got from Texas.

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