How to Turn off the Annoying BEEP in OSX Terminal

If there is one thing about the Mac that I hate, it is the annoying chime (audible bell) that kicks in the terminal.  This has bothered me for ages.  Backspace on an empty command line, beep.  Tab completion doesn’t know which file or directory to use, beep. beep beep beep.  Editing with vi and beep. beep.  It is annoying.

This wouldn’t be so bad, except the volume of the bell is simply too loud, with no easy way to adjust the volume.  I just had to turn the damn thing off.  But the option is burried so far down into the bowels of OSX’s configuration it took me a while to figure it out.

Here is not one, but two ways to turn it off:

Option 1: Turn off the beep in ReadLine configuration (this also works in Linux as well).  Create an .inputrc file in your home directory and insert the following line:

set bell-style off

This works on ALL terminal configurations.

Option 2: A more surgical approach is to bring up an Terminal session, click on Preferences in the application menu.   For each terminal (under the settings tab), click on “Advanced” tab.  Deselect “Audible bell.”  You will have to do this for each and every terminal setting.

I elected for option 1.

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