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Review: The Richest Man in Babylon

George S. Clason’s classic book entitled, The Richest Man in Babylon is one of the personal finance classics recommenced by many financial gurus.  Dave Ramsey regularly recommends the book on his radio show. The book, originally written in the 1920’s, … Continue reading

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Review: NeatDesk Scanner for Mac

Last month, I started looking through my receipts storage system (shoe box) looking for a receipt for a piece of computer equipment — I wanted to figure out how much longer I had on the warranty. Unfortunately, I quickly figured … Continue reading

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Telling Subversion to Ignore a Directory

I just ran into a subversion headache, telling subversion to ignore a a directory.  Telling subversion to ignore a directory is painless (in my case the directory is tmp): $ svn propset svn:ignore tmp .$ svn commit –m “ignoring directory … Continue reading

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Best Credit Card for Car Rental Insurance (in the US)

Normally, I rarely rent a car.  But given my planned increase in travel in 2012, I decided to take a moment to actually read the credit card insurance benefits covering car rentals and the fine print, to figure out what … Continue reading

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Commentary Regus Gold Membership

Today, my Regus gold membership card arrived.  Regus usually charges $15 per month($180/year) for the gold Businessworld membership, which gives you free walk-in access to business lounges, cafes, free refreshments, and free internet.  It also entitles you to a 10% … Continue reading

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From Debit Cards to American Express Platinum

Debit card usage has risen dramatically in the United States in the last several years.  Today, the majority of POS retail transactions are debit card swipes.  Millions of people are cutting up their credit cards and relying on debit cards. … Continue reading

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On Not Being Like the Other Guys

Today, my recruiter called me and told me that my contract was renewed through April.  Normally, the client does six month renewals; This one is for four months.  It looks like a reorganization in is the cards.  As a result, … Continue reading

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