[Entertainment] $50 free stuff at Costco for Executive Upgrade, Part II

Yesterday, I received my $50 certificate; I redeemed it this morning.

The coupon book that came with the certificate does not have $50 worth of coupons, only up to $50 in values (I hope you need glasses).  I was somewhat disappointed.  There is $3 off chocolate chip cookies, a free rotisserie chicken, free water, and a few discounts off of various products.

I ambled up to the customer service desk and turned over the certificate.  The Costco employee had some difficulty with the certificate.  I had eight months left to go on my existing regular membership, and they would not refund what was left over from the prorated increase.

I was told if I signed up today, and today only for a Costco American Express card, I would get a $55 statement credit.  I did.  The credit card offers 2% on transactions, 3% cash back on gas purchases, and ultimately %1 on everything else.

The Costco employee told me to go shopping while she called it in, so I wouldn’t have to wait.  I tore off the $3 off the chocolate chip cookies coupon, so I could bring them to the holiday potluck we’re having at work.  Total after tax and coupon: $3.99 (42.92% off).

When I got back, there was a line of people she was waiting on and she asked if I could come back later.  I was late for work, so I agreed.

It wasn’t until I got to work that I realized I filled out a credit application, gave up my certificate and had nothing to show for it.

Surprisingly, the employee was still working and immediately recognized me.  I got the card, temporary credit card, and used the free rotisserie chicken coupon, but not without some effort. 

I went to the self checkout line and scanned my membership card, the chicken and the coupon.  The light started blinking and it spit out a chit, which I had to take to another line and wait for the cashier to ring it up to give me a receipt.

He waited for me to pay.  *sigh*

The manager fixed it and I finally had my free chicken, but not before the employee at the door studied the chicken and marked off the receipt.

Then I was free.

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  1. Mohit says:

    I would love love love to win the Kindle, thank s so much for the chnace <3Mandy Tillotsonmandy_tillotson@yahoo.com

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