Is it just me, or does Woot! suck?

After six months of looking at daily deals on the Woot! site, I finally bought something from Woot!

For the uninitiated, Woot! is  internet retailer that generally offers a single discounted product for one day only.  Woot tries to make the product descriptions (they call them “product narratives”) are written in the “literary point of view.” 

By literary point of view, they mean annoying.

The bag of crap always causes a ruckus at work.  Howls erupt when the bag of crap is offered as some of my coworkers feverously try to buy one, only to be stopped by a overworked server.  $5 (plus $5 shipping) gets you a box of crap that I wouldn’t buy at a Chinese dollar store for a penny, much less $10 all in.

However, the enthusiasm of my coworkers was infectious.

Several months ago, there was a deal on an Android tablet.  Two coworkers immediately bought one.  I hesitated, but bought one.  I figured out pretty quickly that the Android tablet was an absolute piece of garbage.  I tried to cancel my order.

The order confirmation came from one company (a party rental company in NY), which I tried to cancel.  The shipping confirmation came from yet another company.  They never shipped the product.

I never received the tablet, but they kept my money nonetheless.  It took two months to get U.S. Bank to reverse the charge. 

After a month, my coworkers finally received their horrendous android tablets that have to be plugged in to function because the battery doesn’t work. 

After that deal, I became somewhat more skeptical of Woot.  I’d see deals posted and notice that the “deal” was worse that you could buy the products on Amazon the week earlier. 

For example, there was a cheese making kit listed on Woot for $19 (plus $5 shipping) a short while ago.  The kit is currently listed on amazon for $18.50 with free prime shipping.  When Woot had the offer, Google shopping still had the product listed on amazon for for $18.99 (with free shipping).  Clicking on the link took you to the Amazon page, where the price was jacked up to $26.95 with $6+ shipping.  Turns out the company that manufactures the kits sells through Amazon and jacked the price up to trick stupid people into thinking they are getting a tremendous deal.

In reality, you were not getting a deal at all, but a higher price.  I’ve seen the above tactic several times so far.

Simply stated, Woot is for suckers.

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2 Responses to Is it just me, or does Woot! suck?

  1. Bouall says:

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  2. Craptastic says:

    If you think you could rip on your co-workers and get away with it, think again…


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