What the Hell is TravelSureRevy?

I noticed while checking out the comments to a CNN Money article a spammer has been posting comments like:

Just do a GO0gle search for “TravelSureRevy” all one word and click the first site that comes up.

So what is TravelSureRevy?  Nothing!  It is a keyword the spammer has been able to saturate on Google, where the top website is the spammer’s.  The spammer is making money on Google ads.

The spammer has started a website (www.travel-insurancereviews.com) and is saturating news sites with comments that cryptically ask the user to Google the keyword, wherein the top site is the spammer’s site.

Since there isn’t a company or product named TravelSureRevy, they can basically own the search results, until other spammers catch on and beat them with the SEO stick.

Until then, they make money for add impressions and clicks, while building the stats for their site.

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