Sorry, the Blog has Moved (but you’re in the right place)

imageIf you are seeing this message, you made it.  Congratulations and welcome to my new and improved blog (at least, half of it).

I’ve moved my blog from my corporate web site and split the blog into two blogs: one that covers my life in general and the obstacles encountered while starting and growing two small business (this blog) from a high level, and a second blog that only covers the gory technical details that I encounter while grappling with software development.

It seemed that I had two audiences, two distinct groups that don’t normally overlap: entrepreneurs and programmers.  The former would suggest fewer postings on the intricacies of git and more business stuff, while the latter would suggest the opposite. 

Since I started my consultancy some five years ago and started blogging about it, I never envisioned so many people would read my blog.  Over time, the readership has continued to grow.  I always appreciated all of the comments and support.

However, all of the comments are now gone as they didn’t survive the transfer.  Quite a few of the original blog postings didn’t transfer either, but I will manually try to resurrect the ones that were most visited.

In a way, I’m starting over.   And it seems like this was a good time to do it.  Looking ahead, this is going to be my busiest year ever.

I’m in the process of migrating my corporate website from ASP.NET to a LAMP stack, while completely rewriting it.  I’m launching several new iOS apps.  I’m also working on a second degree while taking in freelancing work.

So update your subscriptions to the new blogs ( and 

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2 Responses to Sorry, the Blog has Moved (but you’re in the right place)

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  2. Lovepreet says:

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