vWorker Marketing Fail (2012 Newsletter)

Personally, I’m not a big fan of vWorker.com (formerly rentacoder.com), especially since they jacked up their rates and added the “AccuTimeCard” spy app that periodically takes snapshots of you as well as your desktop.

I do have an active account, but I’ve never found a freelancer project that interested me.  I still go back every now and then and search through the posted jobs, but many of the postings skew to the bottom of the barrel, a split between build-me-a-copy-of-amazon.com-for-$500 and the impossible (like turn-my-iPhone-into-laser-gun-and-mind-control-device). 

While some coders have been able to wrangle enough work to scratch out a meager living through them, the site just feels amateurish to me, like it was done on the weekends by someone learning .net, someone who doesn’t learn very well.

Well tonight, I got their 2012 marketing newsletter, which I saw with interest they are now promoting client testimonials:  Screen shot 2012-01-24 at 10.21.03 PM

“… A traditional firm in his local area quoted him an astronomical €10,000. Fortunately, he was clued into vWorker on the recommendation of some online friends, and gave vWorker a try. In a short time, his vWorkers had created HotelHaggle.com at a fraction of the cost.”

I’ve had some miserable experiences with outsourcing projects.  I wanted to see it done right for a change. 

The only problem?  It wasn’t.  The featured site was down. 

Want to see what a team of virtual writers, programmers and virtual assistance can do?  Here it is:

Screen shot 2012-01-24 at 10.21.28 PM

How awesome is that?  I had a good laugh.

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6 Responses to vWorker Marketing Fail (2012 Newsletter)

  1. Ian IPpolito says:

    I’m sorry you were not able to find work suitable to you on the site and also for the link above not working (there is not alot of embedded software work on the site).

    We’ll temporarily remove that person from our case-studies list until we can find out what happened to his site. We had profiled him on our case studies page about a year ago (see http://www.vworker.com/RentACoder/DotNet/misc/CaseStudies.aspx
    ), and it’s possible the site’s business took a sudden turn for the worse, or that it did and he has changed domain names. The newsletter is still catching up with all the case studies on that page, because we just started sending it out:

    Also, just to set the record straight: vWorker hasn’t actually increased the rates on the site since 2002, and within the last 2 years are actually dropping them to as low as 6.5% if the user doesn’t use certain features which are more expensive for us to provide.

    Finally, if you wish to be removed from the newsletter, just click the link at the bottom and you can be removed. Or call us: we have staff available to help you 24 hours a day.

    Ian Ippolito

    • Aziz says:

      How scary! I’m glad that Rosie was reesucd. (And I think that if Real Men Are Kind to Animals doesn’t have a calendar, they should get on that ASAP.)

  2. Lee says:

    Hey there admin, just waetnd to leave a quick comment to say that I liked your post.

  3. what kind of post it is?
    Since you could not win any bid, it is bad!!!!!!! rubbish….

    I have been working as a fulltime freelance web developer for last 2 years on vworker. Whenever any issues arise, they promptly response.

    VWorker site is better than any other freelancing sites. Its not aesthetically beautiful like others but its very simple to use. They have kept the simplicity in mind while designing the site, I guess.

    and fee? compare vworker’s fee with others and you will get the difference. Its cheaper than other sites like elance or freelancer.

    The most interesting thing is that they maintain privacy of each bid. I cant see any bid of other workers, not even bid amount. That is great.

    • Joe Turner says:

      Sudip, you obviously don’t read well or have a firm grasp of English.

      As I stated in my post, I never submitted a bid because I never found any projects that I was interested in.

      The purpose of the article was to highlight one of vWorker’s premier success stories, which was a broken website. I believe Ian already corrected the oversight and pulled the case study.

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