Douglas Crockford on JavaScript and JSON

One of the things I both love and hate about being a professional software developer is having to continually learn new technologies and languages.  I started writing code in Applesoft BASIC and 6502 assembly, drifted through my Pascal phase and entered my professional career using C.  Later came C++ and Java and a slew of APIs, operating systems and hardware platforms.

Early in my career, it was possible for you to know everything about a computer platform — from the boot loader to the file partitions to the drivers, to the user mode code.  And write code for any and all, as it was necessary.

Now, as I get older, especially with web technologies I see a continual cycle of software churn. 

In the past, like many professional software developers, I had very low opinion about JavaScript, because amateurish way it was used and grew up.  I would always reach for any “better” way of doing something before I defaulted to JavaScript in a web page.  Anything seemed better than JavaScript. 

But lately, I’ve been writing a lot more JavaScript application and I’ve had to take a fresh look at my JavaScript development.  So when I saw Doug Crockford’s presentations, they resonated with me, so much so that I’ve decided to share them here.  

Watch Douglas Crockford At Google Speaking On “JavaScript: The Good Parts”

Doug Crockford gave this presentation, one of the excellent Google Tech Talks, where Doug goes over the ideas behind his landmark book, JavaScript: The Good Parts, and dives into the areas of what JavaScript got right and what it didn’t.

The JSON Saga

Douglas Crockford tells the story of how JSON was discovered, the history behind it and how it became a major standard for describing data:

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