There is Nothing More Depressing Than a Bad Motivational Speaker

Today, I had the misfortune of having to sit through a motivational keynote speech at a local college.  Without a doubt, it was the worst motivational speech that I have ever heard.  I spent most of the first 30 minutes plotting my escape.

The speaker had no real life experience, no real accomplishments, aside from starting a motivational speaking and training business.  His crowning accomplishment was, “breaking six figures,” which he accomplished by working full time in addition to running this business.

Thankfully, about 30 minutes in, the speaker had everyone stand up for some “active participation” (for the third time), so I able to politely walk out while he asked everyone to introduce themselves to the strangers around them (for the second time).

I quickly left the auditorium and skipped the remaining breakout sessions.

I have to say that I’m continually surprised at how some people are able to carve out careers and succeed within the fabric of our society.

If this guy can be a success anyone can.

Terrible Motivational Speaker
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