BanCorp Kills Intuit GoPayment Card

Tonight, I received a notice that Bancorp is killing the Intuit GoPayment Prepaid Visa debit card, effective February 13, 2013.  It informs debit card users that they must charge their card down to $0.00 or face a $14.95 penalty fee for issuing a paper check.

I signed up for the Intuit GoPayment system to process some business transactions this year. 

However, after I received the card reader device, but before I could even do a test transaction, I received an unsolicited GoPayment debit card.  The default option on my account was to deposit any transactions directly onto the debit card.

I read the account terms, as well as the fees associated with the card.  They, like most pre-paid debit cards, are horrible.

I never used the service, not once.  I immediately deleted the app on my phone and put the card reader on the shelf.

I simply refuse to be nickeled and dimed with the horrendous fees. 

I say good riddance.

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