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Server Naming Conventions?

I’m in the process of provisioning a new server, so I decided to confront a challenging issue of: what do you name the computers? Interestingly enough, I’m not the only one who has wrestled with this problem.  There is even … Continue reading

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BanCorp Kills Intuit GoPayment Card

Tonight, I received a notice that Bancorp is killing the Intuit GoPayment Prepaid Visa debit card, effective February 13, 2013.  It informs debit card users that they must charge their card down to $0.00 or face a $14.95 penalty fee … Continue reading

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Should You Self-Host Your Blog or Website?

Two years ago, I started an experiment to see if self-hosting would be better than shared hosting for some of my websites.  I promptly split my websites between self-hosted, shared hosting, and a managed WordPress service.  I also tested out … Continue reading

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Don’t Put Your Resume Ahead of the Requirements

I’ve got to talk about something that has been bothering me for some time.  As a consultant, I pride myself on giving honest advice then doing whatever the client wants, regardless if it is the best solution. Lately, I’ve been … Continue reading

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RIM Announces Kills off the 16BG BlackBerry PlayBook

Yesterday, RIM officially announced that it has killed off the 16GB model of its BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.  It will be available until the inventory of 16GB devices run out. Right now the PlayBook and BlackBerry 10 are the main hardware … Continue reading

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iOS Confirmed for WWDC, Starting Monday

CNet confirmed that a banner has gone up at the Moscone West conventions center.  This confirms that Apple will unveil iOS 6 at Monday’s keynote address.  Although iOS 6 has been the assumed major topic of discussion at the event, … Continue reading

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How to Add a User from the OS X command line, works with Lion

Yes, you can add a user easily with the built in GUI tool that ships with OS X, but that will setup the account to be able to share music, login, and even modify the dock.  If you want to … Continue reading

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