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BanCorp Kills Intuit GoPayment Card

Tonight, I received a notice that Bancorp is killing the Intuit GoPayment Prepaid Visa debit card, effective February 13, 2013.  It informs debit card users that they must charge their card down to $0.00 or face a $14.95 penalty fee … Continue reading

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Rebates and Refunds Take the Form of Nearly Useless Prepaid Debit Cards (and how Citibank Lost a Customer)

Long ago, I gave up on rebates.  In most cases, most of the rebates I sent in were simply never honored.  Now, when I see a rebate for a product, I don’t buy the product.  Period. As a result, I … Continue reading

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On Not Being Like the Other Guys

Today, my recruiter called me and told me that my contract was renewed through April.  Normally, the client does six month renewals; This one is for four months.  It looks like a reorganization in is the cards.  As a result, … Continue reading

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Is it just me, or does Woot! suck?

After six months of looking at daily deals on the Woot! site, I finally bought something from Woot! For the uninitiated, Woot! is  internet retailer that generally offers a single discounted product for one day only.  Woot tries to make … Continue reading

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[Entertainment] $50 free stuff at Costco for Executive Upgrade, Part II

Yesterday, I received my $50 certificate; I redeemed it this morning. The coupon book that came with the certificate does not have $50 worth of coupons, only up to $50 in values (I hope you need glasses).  I was somewhat … Continue reading

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[Entertainment] $50 free stuff at Costco for Executive Upgrade

I originally purchased the 2012 Entertainment Book for $28.00 + free shipping, and got a $4.90 FatWallet cash-back rebate, several weeks ago. Currently, FatWallet is $29.99 with free shipping plus a 17.5% cash back rebate. Tonight, I finally broke down … Continue reading

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American Express Gift Chain

American Express is currently running a new promotion called the Gift Chain, where you register your card, shop at selected online retailers, and you receive special gifts for purchases greater than $25 (up to 10 gifts per card). Participating retailers … Continue reading

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